My Background & Interests

Before starting my counselling training, I was already interested in psychological health and communications. I chose to study Psychology & Computing Science at university and, after graduating, became more involved in media communications. This initially led me to train as a journalist but, during a brief stint in local radio, one particular interview left me wanting to do more than gathering and generally reporting news. I could see that having had the opportunity to tell his story had had a positive emotional impact on my interviewee and seemed to lead to a sense of relief.

yellow & black figures 2I moved to the press office of an international non-governmental organisation that specialised in highlighting global development news. Their aim was to stimulate informed public debate and promote decision-making that included the people most affected by it – usually those of us who are poor and marginalised. Although the approach (and the culture of the organisation) fitted my personal and professional ethics, the earlier experience of emotional connection and relief that comes with sharing parts of our life experience stayed with me.

This contributed to my decision to train as a therapist a few years later – to enable me to do more than listening and acknowledging (though this is still a significant and valuable part of my work).

I now combine my interests in therapeutic writing, psychological wellbeing, and promoting equality through one-to-one coaching to facilitate positive personal change, through face to face sessions as well as online communication.

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