Getting Started

Please get in touch using the initial contact form, including your personal email address/ phone number, and I will respond as soon as possible to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

If you prefer to work online, please send me a brief outline of the issues that are currently affecting you. I will respond free of charge to this initial enquiry within 4 days.

at keyboardYou may wish to set up a free email account at (this will increase the security of your confidential information by encrypting your message).

If we decide it is appropriate to continue working online, I will then send you a copy of my Counselling/Coaching Agreement, discuss payment and (if you have not already done so), ask you to set up a hushmail account for our private work together.

Live messaging/audio sessions will take place over Vsee so, if this is your preferred way of working, I will ask you to set up a free account at after exchanging the Counselling/Coaching Agreement.

Once we have formally agreed to continue and I have confirmation of your payment, we can begin!