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Because counselling and therapy are so personal, it may be that the therapist you first talk to does not quite feel right for you. Just because someone has a qualification does not automatically mean that their personality or way of working will fit with your personality. Try not to let a first experience put you off. If you are clear that you need or want to try therapy, I encourage you to ask questions, see what it feels like to communicate with a different therapist, or try an alternative approach.

You may prefer to work in person, or choose to work online after face-to-face counselling. It could be a very positive different experience.

The following external links to UK websites may also be useful.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Organisations:

BACP – British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

UKCP – UK Council for Psychotherapy

ACTO – Association for Counselling & Therapy Online

BAATN – Black & Asian Therapists Network

Pink Therapy – Gender & Sexual Diversity Specialists

Relate – Relationship Counselling