Counselling with Mubeen Rowe

When working one-to-one with counselling clients, I aim for a compassionate, exploratory space, drawing on psychodynamic, existential and humanistic understandings to help individuals make sense of confusing and distressing life experiences, in the past or present.

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The aim is to spend time learning about emotional relationships, exploring different ways of communicating, using the safe space to collaborate therapeutically to work through painful life circumstances and events, with the broad goal of creating a strong foundation for a healthier life.

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Conveniently located in Central London, I work face-to-face and at times online.

Although a very different way of working, online counselling has some things in common with face-to-face counselling; it includes exploratory communication, a supportive space, compassionate listening, appropriate confidentiality, considered reflection and thoughtful challenge. This is in contrast to some everyday internet communication that may appear relatively superficial.

To find out more about me and my way of working, visit the About Me and The Integrative Approach pages.

I am also a qualified coach and organisational development consultant. Please enquire if you would like further information on this.