Counselling & Coaching with Mubeen Rowe

When working one-to-one with counselling clients, I aim for a compassionate, exploratory space, drawing on psychodynamic, existential and humanistic understandings to help individuals make sense of confusing and distressing life experiences in the past or present.

My coaching and executive coaching sessions are more directional, and include motivational assessment, identifying and setting personal and professional goals, problem solving, and reviewing and acknowledging progress and achievements.

What’s the difference between counselling & coaching?

Well, there is some overlap between the two. The difference for me is in what you choose and the mutual agreement between us. At the start of any work together, we would explore difficulties and personal goals to help decide which would be most appropriate.

rocks in clear waterMany people are clear that, although they are aware of difficult historical problems affecting their current life, they would rather focus on practical ways around them. In this case, it is important to consciously acknowledge blocks, perhaps spend a little time on how they affect you emotionally, but keep a clear focus on the coaching process. This would be more directed and motivational, including goal-setting and regular reviews. A need for counselling may become apparent in the coaching relationship when repeated attempts to move forward are negatively blocked by unhelpful habits, conflicting unconscious beliefs, or feelings that are difficult to manage. If this happens, it may be necessary to review the coaching contract.

With counselling, the aim is to spend more time on learning about emotional relationships, exploring different ways of communicating, using the safe space to collaborate therapeutically to work through painful life circumstances and events, with the broader goal of creating a strong foundation for a healthier life.

lush foliageConveniently located in Central London, I work face-to-face and at times online.

Online counselling has much in common with face-to-face counselling. That means it includes exploratory communication, a supportive space, compassionate listening, appropriate confidentiality, considered reflection and thoughtful challenge. This is in contrast to some everyday internet communication that may appear relatively superficial.

I aim for a more meaningful online engagement with the issues you choose to share, with your goals in mind. Working online via emails or live private messaging sessions is convenient and accessible if you cannot access regular sessions in person. It is especially suitable if you find it natural and helpful to express yourself in writing.

To find out more about me and my way of working, visit the About Me and The Integrative Approach pages.

I also work as an Executive Coach and provide organisational development and leadership consultancy. My fees for this are different from life coaching or counselling. Please enquire if you would like further information on this.